Creators of the well known Laundry Restart, Innovation Script and Wash Pal solutions joined their efforts to create a simple and easy payment & management project. The beauty of this project is in connecting to your preferred payment gateway, so that revenue goes directly to your account without any pitstops. THE LAUNDROMAT APP project joins laundromats with different brands under one business community umbrella and provides customers with the choice of the most convienent, nearest laundromat.


No registration, no top up cards, no coins or special tokens - just a smartphone and laundry. In case your clients feel the passion for oldschool terminals - we can integrate POS system to use it together with app. No suprise - all the data on the clear and simple management system. And the main thing - THE LAUNDROMAT APP is crafted to be affordable even for the smallest companies.


If you are a laundry owner - even a small one - and you feel the need to digitalise your business, all you have to do is contact us. We will explain how to start - order and install a magic black box that connects the machine to the cloud based management system. We will lead you through the process of payment gateway's integration. We will guide you through the cliffs and rocks of the online business. When you will grow to the need of PRO solution, we will create an upgraded environment for your business expansion.