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Easy way to do your laundry

Download THE LAUNDROMAT APP to book the washers and dryers at the nearest facility.



Scan the QR code at the laundromat and download the app.



Book the available machine.


3. PAY

Pay with the app - no cash, no hustle and bustle!



Load the machine, push START and enjoy your laundry day!

Please follow these steps for the best washing and drying results: 

  • Laundry will not be properly washed and dried in overloaded washing machines, and may be damaged. The recommended loading is no more than 2/3 of the drum.
  • If you choose the cycle without detergent and add it by yourself then make sure to dose it precisely to avoid excessive foaming.
  • Make sure the washer or the dryer is clean inside before placing the laundry.
  • Make sure that your laundry is suitable for chosen washing or drying temperature. 
  • Remove all the small items from the laundry (coins, toothpicks, etc.) as they can clog the machine;
  • Make sure that the dryer filter is empty before drying (if it’s possible to reach) and clean out it after drying.
Laundry is washed and dried in separate machines. This means that you must be present at the end of the washing cycle in order to place your laundry into the dryer. Please keep in mind that the indicated washing and drying cycle times are approximate, therefore, if you decide to leave, make sure to return before the end of the cycle.
No, this is not necessary, you may leave the premises. The washer is locked during a washing cycle. However, for your safety, we advise you to return before the end of the cycle, so that you may collect your laundry when the machine unlocks. Please note, that the dryer can be opened any time.
No, no need - orders are placed on a live order basis.
The Laundromat App is connected to a local payment gateway so all the procedures of The Laundromat App payments are processed by the payment service provider of the particular laundry facility.

Payment solutions are provided by companies certified in corresponding country. No data is stored, it is processed according to procedures established by the legislation of corresponding country.
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